The owner of the cat had left her in a common area for both tenents and it cornered me an bit me in the leg. She also is well aware of the cats temper due to it attacking herself a month prior.

Yes she will be – but how cooperative she is going to be is another story. Approach her and see what she says although in many cases like this you have to take her to small claims court to get reimbursed for your expenses. She would also be responsible for your filing fees.

0 emortgages.com is a California based mortgage broker company providing high quality loan services with web-based technology solutions at rates and costs that are consistently below the industry average. Our vision is to be the definitive mortgage broker that provides our purchase and refinance customers with the highest level of service and the best value in closing costs and interest rates and service. Visit our site for current interest rates, mortgage calculators, online rate quotes, online loan application, mortgage and home buying information and much, much more.

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0 March 7th updateWhat has been going on in the world of interest rates and morgages. FHA premiums for people wanting to refinacne are going down, HARP 2.0 comes out in 10 days

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0 Doug Jones explains HARP 2.0Recorded on February 22, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.

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0 Josh Higgelke with A New How To Mortgage WebsiteWe are interviewing Josh Higgelke with Axiom Mortgage solutions. Josh is is joining us from Calgary, Canada. We will be talking about his new website called dedicated to informing people about the details of mortgage financing in Canada.

The site incorporates an extensive knowledge base forum for visitors to ask questions and read answers supplied by both clients and mortgage experts.

Areas that the mortgage site covers:
New Home Mortgages
Refinancing a Home
Renewing Mortgages
Condo Mortgages
Credit issues
Reverse Mortgages HELOC’s
And more…

For more information visit

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0 Bank Declined Your Mortgage Application? There Are Other Options
Hi, everyone. How are you? It’s Leah Coss with the Mortgage Center. I wanted to help you answer the question, for those of you going through this hard time… “My bank said no, now what do I do?”

Well, there’s some good news for you. Basically, your bank is not the only lender out there. When it comes to banks, and it comes to products on the market, there’s so many. I, myself, have access to over 40 lenders. So you can imagine, they’re obviously all not trying to go after the same people.

Many banks are only looking for what we call A+ people. These mean that you’ve got great credit, that you’ve got great documented income, a steady job, and a great down payment from a very steady source. The reality is, not all of us are built alike. Not all of us have that.

Maybe something happened in the past. Maybe you went through a divorce and your credit took a bang, but it’s not because you don’t pay your bills. Maybe you went on vacation and missed a couple payments. Now your credit’s taken a hit for this temporary time and it’s slowly being built back up, but you want to buy now. Maybe your down payment is coming from an undocumented source, or maybe you’re self employed, and you have so many write offs that your income just isn’t showing up the way that you need it to in order to qualify for the home that you can afford.

Banks are going to look at things that can be proven, and banks are going to look at things in a way that makes them feel secure in giving you their money, but not every lender is like that.

So, to answer the question in a short form, if your bank said no, what do you need to do? You need to give me a call. The reason being is I’m going to put you or I’m basically going to talk to you first. I’m going to figure out what is your situation. Are you a new immigrant? Are you self employed? What’s your situation? I’m going to look at all of my lenders, and I’m going to see which ones have the product that will suit your needs.

Then from that pool, I’m going to look at who’s offering the best rates, based on your needs. And then from there, we’re going to put your file together. I’m going to send it in to them, and we’re going to hope that things go well.

Now, if the situation is where maybe your credit is just absolutely thrashed for whatever reason. Divorce, or there’s so many things, such as you’ve got to make a payment on a credit card that you cut up and decided never to use again, but there’s an annual fee on it, and now your credit’s taking a hit.

What can you do then? Because no bank or non bank will look at you. At that point, I’m going to start looking at private lending. What private lending is, well, to explain it more, go to my video blog, I’ve got a whole blog just on private lenders to help you understand who they are, but basically, they pick up the crumbs, and I’m not saying that you’re a crumb. I’m just saying that they’re picking up the files that nobody else wants.

To be honest, they don’t care what your income is. They don’t care if you can document it. They don’t care where your down payment’s coming from. They don’t care what industry you’re working in, and they don’t care what your credit score is. What they’re going to require you to do is put more of a down payment down, so you’re not going to just be able to put down five percent. They’re probably going to want you to put down 20%, and they’re going to want you to pay a higher interest rate, because you’re a higher risk client.

But, at the end of the day, if it comes down to you having a home or not having a home, at least this is giving you an option, and by the time you come for renewal, or refinancing, at that point, again, we’ll look at your file, and if your credit’s picked back up, if you’ve got documented income, or the things that were hurting you before are not hurting you now, we’ll switch you.

All right, so there options for you. If your bank said no, that’s not the end of the world. Give me a call, and I’ll help you out, all right? So, Leah Coss at The Mortgage Center. Give me a call at (604) 313 9996. Go to my website for more information,

Good luck, and hopefully I’ll talk to you soon.

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0 Bank Foreclosure Fraud WHAT DOES A MORTGAGE NOTE LOOK LIKE  Trompe loeil
A “Note” is a promise to pay _____. A “Note Rider” is not a “NOTE”. It is added or is “made part of” a note. I am gettting emails that these “Riders” are being submitted as “Notes”. My opinion is that they are trying to trick you and the judge as long as the word “Note” is there. Check to see if your Lender named is the Foreclosing Lender NOW. Check if there were any Assignments of proof that they did so. In most cases NONE were ever done as required. This is where it all starts…Make sure if your Note is signed that it is your Signature and not FORGED. If it is presented in court…Do not touch the paper as your “Original” will contain your Finger Prints as DNA. This is if your really willing to challenge and do a FULL FORENSIC evaluation.

Here I will show you how MY personal Mortgage Foreclosure FRAUD happened. Pay close attention and learn before it is too late. Here are the subjects and principles. Hi Erica Johnson-SECK (SICK) I read in your Deposition how you google your name …Just add this one for reference.
Law Offices Of David J. Stern PA in Plantation Florida Roger Stotts
Dennis Kirkpatrick

These people are ALL over the US pulling this crap
Do searches on them and all and see what you can find out to save your home.

Learn from this study it and maybe WE ON OUR OWN without the GOVERNMENT can make a difference. Thank you for allowing us to loose our wealth, rights, and justice for all.

Uncover Violations: Get an Audit


We have just scratched the surface. Wait to see what is at the CORE.

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and I signed off on it for a larger equity stake, on a non legal document. In short we had a failing out and this person along with the other tenant in common sued me via partition action. The morgage was not paid back and the court never requested him to do so. I defalted for not appearing in court due to a physical injury, requested to reopen but was not allowed to. I lost the case and my equity which was supposed to be a third was quitqlaimed to me for a dollar. I was pro se because of financial problems, this person who sued me is in the legal system and knew what they were doing, also knew i had money issues. Any ideas on what i can do?????? Thanks

What you can do is get yourself a real estate lawyer and tell them your story. Nobody here is going to give you complete and accurate advise you can act upon.

I bought a home here in Arizona in 4/2008, not realizing how bad the economy would get. It’s was my first home (FHA) Coldwell is my banker. Although I have been able to barely cover the morgage because my husband and I were counting on my tips . Casino industry is also suffering so we will be late this month for the first time. I am afraid that my 787 fico score will be ruined. Will any bank possibly refinance our home? Our home was 230,00 and now is worth probably 50,000 under. Please any advice

Mortgage companies do more than look at your score. They actually read the report. If you had a FICO score of 10000 you would not be able to get a new mortgage if you’re not current on your existing mortgage. Find something else to be late on, if possible. If you are late on the mortgage, get caught up as fast as possible including paying any late fees. Most lenders don’t report late payments that are less than 30-days late.

Good luck.

0 Settle your 2nd mortgage without going bankrupt!Settling Your Second Mortgage For Pennies On The Dollar. Many homeowners are unaware that there is a possibility that they may be able to get rid of their 2nd loan. Contact Mark Gershick for a free assessment. Log On To

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